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The most effective emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) within the first 24 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI)1

It’s important


In the past 12 months, 46% of women aged 18‑35 had UPSI when not planning a pregnancy2


…but only 27% of those took EHC2

It’s her

of women quote effectiveness as the most important factor in influencing their choice of EHC3

of women would be willing to pay more for a more effective EHC4

ellaOne® is 2.5x more effective than levonorgestrel*1

*Pregnancy rates per 1,000 women in the first 24h after UPSI: 23 with levonorgestrel, 9 with ellaOne®

It’s your

Pharmacy is the go-to place for more than 80% of women seeking EHC2

of women who purchased ellaOne® did so following a pharmacy recommendation2

It’s about reassurance

  • ellaOne® is the most effective EHC, being 2.5 times more effective than levonorgestrel*1
  • ellaOne® is the only EHC to work up to the point of ovulation5
  • The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) recommends advising all women that ulipristal acetate (ellaOne®) is more effective than levonorgestrel6
  • ellaOne® is effective regardless of a woman’s BMI7
  • ellaOne® is now in a Golden Shield shape. The new pill is film coated, making it easy to swallow, and it comes in a new shield shape as a universal symbol of protection and efficacy in EHC.

*Pregnancy rates per 1,000 women in the first 24 hours after UPSI: 23 with levonorgestrel, 9 with ellaOne®

How much more effective is ellaOne®?

Pregnancy rates per 1000 women in the first 24 hours after unprotected sex*1

0 with no intervention ** 0 with levonorgestrel 0 with ellaOne ®
ellaOne® is 2.5x more effective than levonorgestrel*1

*Meta-analysis of two comparative randomised, non-inferiority trials involving 1184 women receiving emergency hormonal contraception within 24 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. **Estimated.

ellaOne® works on the most fertile days

  • Ovulation is highly unpredictable8: 88% of women do NOT ovulate on day 14 of their cycle9
  • Women are at highest risk of pregnancy if UPSI occurs just before ovulation, when there is a surge of the luteinising hormone (LH)10
  • After UPSI, preventing ovulation is key to effectively protect against fertilisation.
LH concentration levonorgestrel ellaOne

Only ellaOne® works on the most fertile days, i.e. just before ovulation, during the LH surge (pre-peak), at a time when levonorgestrel is no more effective than placebo5.

FSRH guidance

The updated 2017 guidance from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) provides a clear differentiation on efficacy of different EHC options available6.

It recommends that Pharmacy advises women that:

  • Copper-IUD is the most effective method of emergency contraception
  • Ulipristal acetate (ellaOne®) has been demonstrated to be more effective than levonorgestrel and that ellaOne® should be considered as the first-line oral emergency contraception option.

As the copper-IUD is not immediately available in pharmacy, ellaOne® should be considered as first-line emergency contraception.

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ellaOne® works regardless of a woman’s BMI

More than 1 in 2 UK women are classified as overweight11. The FSRH recommends the effectiveness of some emergency hormonal contraceptions could be reduced in women weighing over 70kg or a BMI over 26kg/m2 6.

However, ellaOne® remains an effective EHC option regardless of a woman’s weight or BMI7.

Driving category growth

ellaOne® has invested £2m to create awareness in pharmacy and is the only EHC brand to invest in consumer advertising online and paid search.

ellaOne’s #MyMorningAfter campaign is encouraging women throughout the UK (and abroad) to break the taboo around the topic of emergency contraception by sharing their experiences.

ellaOne’s #FactNotFiction is a myth-busting campaign educating women and the general public around the category.

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30m women worldwide have used ellaOne® to help avoid unplanned pregnancy[12]

It can be an embarrassing conversation


of women feel embarrassed or awkward when buying EHC from a healthcare professional13

1 in 4

women admit they would wait until there were no other customers around before asking the pharmacist for EHC14

1 in 8

women said they would go to another town to avoid bumping into anyone they know14, some women would even put off going to get EHC or they would ask someone else to get it for them14

1 in 8

women would rather give up sex for a month than talk about EHC14.

For most women, asking a pharmacist for an emergency contraception is not an easy conversation.

It’s now easier with the ellaOne® checklist

ellaOne® has developed a tool to help make the consultation more comfortable in pharmacy.

The ellaOne® checklist allows women to discreetly answer a few basic questions about their UPSI and health conditions to help make the conversation less awkward.

To order a pack, email or click on the link below.

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The checklist is also available digitally, so women may present to pharmacy with their results on a phone or as a printout.

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* a CPD training module on Emergency Contraception is also available on The Pharmacy Network (links outside this site)